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Images! On the SEO front, images present challenges in two areas:


Page load time. Search engine ranking includes how fast a given webpage will load. Too many images, or images not optimized for the web (72dpi – 150dpi) will hamper the site’s ranked load time and cause it to land further down the list. Photographers struggle with this because a web-optimized image generally doesn’t have the same quality as the high-res version offline.


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Keyword stuffing. It is very tempting for webmasters to load up the title, alt tags and image descriptions with keywords in an effort to hide more of them on the page to be picked up by the search engines.


Google has come out quite strongly against keyword stuffing of any sort, whether hidden paragraphs or hidden in picture meta information. As with text-based content, keywords associated with images should relate to the image as the image relates to the text. If the keyword has no relation to the image, it will hurt that webpage’s ranking in Google. The fact that a keyword shouldn’t appear more than 2% of the time across an entire page means that the webmaster should decide whether an image needs that keyword or if it would do better in the main text.


Matt Cutts Discusses Top 5 SEO Mistakes:



The advent of Pinterest’s business Pin-It button means keywords related to how that image will become a pin on someone’s board should be considered. When the pin shows up on their board, you want them to see your business name and message depicted by the image. As such, careful thought to website content becomes even more relevant.


First off, don’t have too many images on a page. Secondly, have keywords in human-readable content. Thirdly, ensure pinnable/shareable content contains SEO elements that will entice people to your website, without hurting search engine rankings.


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